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I have been banking with ICICI Bank from 2003, and have always found the staff very friendly and helping, but my special appreciation goes for Mr. Vikas Gupta (174277) at Mansarovar Branch. My parent Branch is at C-scheme, but as Mansarovar is near my house, I normally visit here. Thanks to staff like Mr. Vikas Gupta, I always find it easy and fast to get my things done. He keeps telling me about new services and the various investment plans. Most of the time, he has been successful in convincing me to invest. My pension plan or policy for my kids, all are with ICICI Bank only..
There was a time when rumours spread about the bank’s downfall, but Vikas helped me develop confidence in the bank. Thank you ICICI Bank. Thank you Vikas, for giving us your best services. I wish you all success for your future. Keep it up.

~ Arun Singh, Jaipur, April 01, 2009, Channels - Branch Banking Experience

I, Kumud J C Barot have been having my Account in the New Marine Lines Branch, Mumbai right from the time the Bank opened its Branch. I really appreciate their work and their prompt action regarding each and every thing. Even during the lunch time, the staff are always very kind and of supportive nature. In private sector banking, this is really a very trust worthy bank in my opinion.

~ Kumud J C Barot, Mumbai, Apr 05, 2009, Channels - Branch Banking Experience

I would like to appreciate Mr. Murty’s services at Abids Branch in Hyderabad. He always serves customers with a smile and is always ready to help. ICICI Bank should be proud to have you in their bank. A very hardworking employee of ICICI Bank. Thanks Mr. Murty for all the help.

~ Noorin Lakhani, Hyderabad, April 04, 2009, Channels - Branch Banking Experience

Yes, I am extremely delighted with the call centre service and the bank service. I had been to Lokhandwala Branch and had a pile of five requests which ranged from cheque book request to internet ids for three accounts. The girl there wrote my requests on a piece of paper and I was not very sure if she would be able to trace everything. But before I reached home, I received my SR numbers and I slept in peace. I got all my services within the stipulated time.

Secondly, there was a wrong swipe of my Debit Card and the call centre followed up the matter at every step and helped me resolve the same.

Last week I called the call centre for a PIN change and the systems were down. The guy there (Paresh) said that he would call me back when the systems are up and to my delight, he did call me back and I was able to activate my card.

I would especially like to congratulate ICICI Bank’s call centre as the recorded guide is also very easy to understand and not very lengthy. This I am saying because I have experienced other call centres and they lead you somewhere and finally sweetly ask you to hang up after a grilling you for around 5 minutes.

ICICI Bank has thought about the customer requirements and I can very loudly say that they do care about the feedback.

I would like to personally thank the team and congratulate for your efforts.

I would look forward to writing such mails very often.

~ Komal Machindar, Mumbai, April 02, 2009, Channels - Customer Care

ICICI Bank has set a real and live example of right usage of technology and innovation. I can't believe that I have opened a bank account within India from my home abroad with all the required facilities. All my documents have been delivered at my premises. ICICI Bank has brought banking to the user’s fingertip. Excellent and unimaginable - Bravo staff with superb products and services.

~ Mohammed Zameeruddin, Sharjah, April 06, 2009, Channels - Branch Banking Experience

I have been dealing with ICICI Bank for the last 4 years, not only with the bank but with the whole ICICI group. They are doing a great job. You can do every thing with your fingertips like opening an account, getting a loan, getting a credit card, insurance, mutual fund, share, bonds etc without visiting the branch, without signing any paper or cheque. Great job keep it up.

~ Sanjay Singh, Kanpur, April 05, 2009, Channels -Internet Banking

I am very thankful to Mr. Ronak of Aundh/Chinchwad Branch at Pune for his prompt help in expediting my Fixed Deposit transactions. It was a do or die situation for me and due to Mr. Ronak my service request was catered to in just 3 working days which otherwise would have taken 15 days. People like him will go a long way in upholding customer's trust and loyalty with the bank. We are very thankful to ICICI Bank and Mr. Ronak.

~ Khushbu Verma, Pune , April 13, 2009 , Channels - Branch Banking Experience

I really appreciate the speed and instant response shown by Mr. Atul Bartakke, Officer, ICICI Bank, Pune Bhandarkar on our payment issues.

Atul intervened in the case personally and helped us resolve the difficult situation in a short time.

We really thank and appreciate ICICI Bank for having such energized and helping team members in their organization.

Apart from this, I would like to mention about the respect and cooperation he had given to my father (Senior Citizen) on every visit.

Thank you ICICI Bank.

~ Aniruddha Chitre, Pune, April 13, 2009 , Channels - Branch Banking Experience

I just want to express my appreciation to Mr. Amit Jain of ICICI Bank, Kota Branch. I approached him on my recent trip to India, in which I was in dire need of a cheque book. In spite of his busy schedule and being bugged by customers at 5 PM in the evening, he was helpful enough to listen to my requirement. He went out of the way to help me by understanding my problem and issuing a temporary cheque book. While I waited for a couple of minutes to get my cheque book, I could not help but notice him addressing the needs of a lot of customers. I wish I could get a similar customer service everywhere.

~ Indrajeet Gambhir, Pune, April 21, 2009 , Channels - Branch Banking Experience

Hi, I just wanted to take some time off to appreciate the instant response by you folks when I made a transaction of Rs. 45000/-. On 22nd April, I made a transaction of Rs. 45000/- in a merchant outlet and within two minutes of swiping the card, I got an SMS stating that I made a transaction of Rs 45000 and within four minutes I received a call from Mumbai to enquire if I had made a transaction of Rs. 45000/-. I was really surprised by this instant action taken by you guys. These instant actions greatly prevent any misuse done on credit cards. Good work folks. Keep it up!

~ Yogesh Rajagopal, Coimbatore, April 23, 2009, Products - Credit Cards

I have been banking with ICICI Bank for around 6 years now. The response to complaints and the usage of technology (like cheque depositing machine, cash deposit machine) is really worth appreciating. Internet Banking is amazing. I am very happy for the good response they give to customer queries. The best example would be when I had applied for an add-on credit card through the internet. Within 2 days I got it at my address and also when ever I apply for a cheque book, I get it within 2 days at my residence . I am really very happy to bank with ICICI Bank. Internet Banking is superbly maintained. Congratulations to ICICI Bank employees and Management. ICICI Bank Customer Service is a boon to customers because of:

1. Large ATM network

2. Cash Deposit System

3. Cheque Deposit System

4. 8 to 8 banking hours. Very helpful for office going people

5. Internet Banking

6. Phone Banking

7. Debit and Credit Card Online Services

8. Good response and instant action to customer queries via Phone Banking

9. Good response to Internet Banking emails, Cheque book Request, Password Request, Credit and Debit Card delivery by courier service.

10. SMS alerts whenever when customer uses Debit or Credit Card.

11. The first time I mailed, I got the response in just a few minutes. The next time too, it was no different. I congratulate all the employees of ICICI Bank for making the bank the best in all aspects.

ICICI Bank is really 100% banking and the no. 1 bank in India and off course all over the world .

~ M. Suman, Chennai, April 09, 2009, Products - Deposits

I hold multiple accounts with both PSU and private banks including ICICI Bank for my various financial needs. Through the multiple banking channels the uptime and efficiency offered by ICICI Bank is unmatched. I am always amazed with the way you have embraced technology to service your customers. Thanks to your information services, I hardly visit the branch or even call as whatever I want is always accessible online 24x7 and most of my transactions are always done through net banking. You are truly a benchmark for both the PSU and private banks! Keep it up! Hope to always receive innovative services from the bank.

~ Vinubhai Shah, Vadodara , April 13, 2009 , Channels -Internet Banking

I have an ICICI Bank Savings Account and it has always been a great experience with the services. I specifically want to appreciate the net banking comfort and promptness of the service team. The net banking portal is very user friendly and gives a wide range of services.

Surely it speaks volumes when it comes to customer service and it always reconfirms the trust we place in the bank.

~ Thalesh Pathak, New Delhi, April 16, 2009, Channels -Internet Banking


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