World Debit Card FAQs

What are the features of the ICICI Bank MasterCard World Debit Card?

The ICICI Bank MasterCard World debit card offers high level of transaction security. It has a chip embedded on the card which contains information required for payment processing. A number of countries specially in Europe are migrating to this technology.

What are the benefits of the ICICI Bank MasterCard World Debit Card?

The ICICI Bank MasterCard World debit card provides an enhanced level of protection against fraud. The data stored in the chip cannot be accessed by unauthorised persons, thus making it virtually impossible to copy or tamper with the data. The chip card also uses encryption algorithm for authorisation, thereby making it difficult to counterfeit.

How does ICICI Bank MasterCard World Debit Card work?

The ICICI Bank MasterCard World debit card works very much the same way as a magnetic strip card. They are used on the same terminal where magnetic strip card are used. Incidentally more than 80% of terminals in India are equipped to process these cards. These cards are internationally valid and have world acceptance in most of the countries . In case a terminal is not equipped to process this card, as a backup, card data is also stored on magnetic strip on the chip card to ensure acceptance at most card accepting terminals.

How do I use my ICICI Bank MasterCard World Debit Card?

Here is how a transaction will happen on ICICI Bank MasterCard debit card.

The steps involved would be:

  1. Present the card to the merchant for payment. The merchant dips the card into the card reader on the EDC machine.
  2. The merchant enters the amount to be charged and sends a request to the issuing bank through EDC terminal.
  3. Upon successful authorisation from issuing bank a charge slip would be generated. On certain terminals you may be required to enter 4-digit PIN. This pin is provided to you by issuing bank. Generally this 4-digit PIN is your ATM 4 digit pin. In case the terminal does not require PIN to be entered by you, you would be asked to sign the copy of charge slip which will be retained by merchant.

Where all can I use my ICICI Bank MasterCard World Debit Card?

Card can be used at all merchants who already accept card payments. Like most payment cards, this card can be used on EDC terminals as well as for online purchases.

Will I be able to use the card to withdraw cash at ATMs?

Yes, the card can be used to withdraw cash at all ATMs. Currently only magnetic strips will be used for transactions and there is no change in the process of cash withdrawal at ATMs.