"EMI" or "Equated Monthly Installment" means the equated monthly installment of amounts payable by the Card Member to ICICI Bank comprising of principal amount, interest and any/ or other charges, if applicable.

"Instant EMI" refers to the conversion into EMI upon request by the Card Member, of transactions performed using the Card at ICICI Bank EDC (Electronic Data Capture) terminal and/or for such online transactions, where the option for such conversion is available. ICICI Bank shall be entitled to, at its sole discretion, make available to individual Card Member,

Instant EMI on the Credit Card, without prejudice to the obligation of the Card Member to make Immediate payment on the incurring of the charge, the Card Member may, seek to avail of the option of paying for certain purchases through Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs) as will be informed to the Card Member by ICICI Bank 24 Hour Customer Care Centre and as indicated in the Statement sent to the Card Member which shall be subject to the following terms:
  1. Once a Card Member has opted for payment by Instant EMIs, any subsequent change will attract a pre-closure charge as may from time to time be fixed by ICICI Bank depending upon the nature of the purchase;

  2. In case any portion of the billed and outstanding charges are not permitted to be paid in Instant EMIs and such portion is not paid by the Payment Due Date, the same will bear and carry an interest, service charge and late payment charge at the rate and in the manner stated In Clause VI;

  3. The Instant EMI facility will be available with respect to the Credit Card which presently comprise of the following purchases, viz.,
    1. New purchases at Merchant Establishment;
    2. Conversions of past purchases at Merchant Establishment through ICICI Bank 24 Hour Customer Care Centre.

  4. The Instant EMI facility is available to the Card Member at ICICI Bank's sole discretion and such facility will be available:
    1. For such period and at such Merchant Establishments as ICICI Bank may decide;
    2. The interest component of the Instant EMIs will be Card Member and Merchant specific as decided by ICICI Bank; The amount of down payment, the amount of transaction fee, the tenure for the payment of Instant EMIs and other payment particulars will be Card Member and Merchant specific as ICICI Bank may decide.
    3. The Instant EMI facility is not applicable on ICICI Bank EMI card, Corporate card, Business card and American Express card.

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  6. Details of the EMI facility on Nokia mobiles:
    ICICI Bank shall offer all its valid eligible card holders the option to purchase the Nokia Products on an installment / easy payment (EMI) basis using Cards issued by ICICI Bank.
    1. Number of Installments: _03 months (Minimum transaction value Rs. 7000/-)
    2. Additional charges to Customers (over and above standard card charges): Nil
    3. Any other conditions of the EMI Scheme agreed between the Parties: Customer should be eligible for Merchant EMI option as per bank’s transaction  authorization policy.
    4. Locations where EMI Schemes will be offered: Nokia Priority Partners Stores as listed on website.
    5. ICICI Bank will offer EMI option on Nokia products to eligible cardholders and has a sole discretion rights to select the customer for offering the     promotion.