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Rates & Charges
FD, RD & iWish
(390 days - 2 yrs)
7.50% Apply Now
Senior Citizens
(390 days - 2 yrs)
8.00% Apply Now
Personal Loan
(Upto 20 lacs)
11.49*% Apply Now

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Platinum Chip Credit Card

    ICICI Bank Sapphiro Visa Credit Card


    Enjoy Hand-picked Rewards, airport lounge access, priority service and more.

    ICICI Bank Rubyx Visa Credit Card


    Flexible plans to accelerate your Hand-picked Rewards.

    ICICI Bank Carbon


    Asia’s first Credit Card powered by Visa CodeSure, the next level of Credit Card Security.



    ICICI Bank VISA Signature Credit Card


    Revel in a life like no other, the Signature life!

    ICICI Bank Platinum Identity Credit Card


    A Credit Card designed around you.

    ICICI Bank Ascent American Express® Credit Card


    Accelerate towards a life of rewards.

    ICICI Bank British Airways Classic Credit Card


    Account Rewards that take your family places.

    ICICI Bank Platinum Credit Card


    A convenient, no fee credit card powered by Visa privileges.

    ICICI Bank Titanium Credit Card


    A convenient, no fee credit card powered by MasterCard privileges.