Young Stars

Young Stars Accounts

Banking can be fun!

At Young Stars, we will guide your child through the world of banking - from checking the child’s savings account balance to guiding through fun zones and special pages on the Internet Banking channel. It makes banking a pleasure and teaches your child to manage his or her personal finances through a savings account.

You can transfer pocket money into your child's account. You can even shop with him / her at Young Stars Shopping Page. You can also open a recurring deposit in your child's name.

Once you are done with your 'banking', you can access your child's account with all the fun links to special zones designed to suit your child's area of interests and also impart knowledge on the current events of the world.

Key Features of Young Stars Account
  • Open a Kid's Savings Account, Fixed Deposit or a Recurring Deposit.
  • The minimum average balance for a Savings Account Is Rs.2,500.
  • Free personalized Cheque Book
  • Internet Banking.
  • Free International Debit Card*.
  • Daily withdrawal and spends of up to Rs.5,000.
  • Transfer Funds Facility.

* Debit Card is issued only on request

Young Stars Accounts Eligibility

ICICI Bank Young Stars Account is a banking service for children in the age group of 1 day-18 years. It is essential for the parent/guardian to also hold an account with ICICI Bank. In event of the parent/guardian not holding an ICICI Bank Savings Account, both the accounts (parent's Saving Account and Young Star Account) can be simultaneously opened.