Child Education Plan

Child Education Plan

Child Education Plan
ICICI Bank presents “Child Education Plan”, a unique way to save for your child's future.

To fulfil your child's dream & aspirations, begin by making small investments in a Recurring Deposit for a short tenure and receive regular payouts for the rest of the tenure in your child's “Youngstar Savings Account“.

Invest Today. Benefit Tomorrow.

If your child is in kindergarten, you can invest regularly for the next 5 years and this investment plan will take care of his primary education.

If your child is in secondary school, just invest Rs. 3,700 (per month) for the first 6 years, in a plan of 10 years’ tenure. Get an annual payout of Rs. 1,02,434* for the next 4 years and fulfill your dream of seeing your child graduate from a great college.

*As per prevailing interest rates on January 08, 2010.